You read the headlines and have brief conversations with your friends and family, but how do you really know where your local real estate market is at?  And what is my market?  Is it the block?  The whole zip code?  Only two-story homes?  The process can be overwhelming.

Well, for starters, to get a general sense for the market, take a look at the live graphs below that describe the general climate for the San Diego real estate market:

Then, as a first step in getting a better sense for your local market, I recommend visiting my CUSTOM STATISTICS PAGES which show many of the areas within coastal San Diego and their real estate market history for the last 5 years. After should be able to glean a general sense for whether your local market is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market from these graphs.  If you don’t find what you need, let me know, and I’ll be happy to run reports for you.

Once you have a general sense for your local market, you need to focus in on what is relevant to your property.  You can search recent sold listings on this site by visiting PROPERTY SEARCH.  Once you get your first results, you can then filter these recent sales to better match your property.  Try to hone in on at least 3 key comparable sales and be sure to notice when these comparable properties sold.  (Appraisers do not include sales older than a year old when determining value).

For further guided assistance in determining your local market conditions and your unique home value, please CONTACT JAMIE TUCKEY ; I would be happy to serve you!