Imperial Beach (IB) real estate is a VERY exciting market!  Massive changes in city infrastructure, powerful commercial investment, and progressive residential development trends are making Imperial Beach one of the hottest coastal markets in San Diego.  Imperial Beach real estate offers a wide variety of lifestyle options, from beachfront detached homes and condos, to quiet neighborhood corridors on quiet streets, to income-yielding multi-plexes.

Looking north down Seacoast Drive's rapidly growing commercial corridor.
Looking north down Seacoast Drive’s rapidly-growing commercial corridor.

Below are live, interactive graphs indicating the general demand for Imperial Beach real estate over the last 5 years.  You can see the median sales price along with the average sold price versus asking price.

Medium tide at the Imperial Beach Pier. A coastal location makes the Imperial Beach real estate market one to watch.
Early Fall at medium tide looking out at the Imperial Beach Pier.

There are many unique areas within Imperial Beach, each with its own neighborhood feel and overall density.  You can get a better sense for these areas by first understanding the Imperial Beach Zoning Map.  Larger residential lots come in at 6000 square feet whereas smaller lots near the beach can come in closer to 2000 square feet.

Looking down on the southern end of Seacoast Drive and most of Imperial Beach real estate.
Looking down on the southern end of Seacoast Drive and most of Imperial Beach proper.

Whether you own or are looking to own in Imperial Beach, Jamie Tuckey can guide you to your best options.  Jamie watches the Imperial beach market daily, has lived with his family in Imperial Beach for 3 years, and often surfs in Imperial Beach when the schedule allows!  He knows the area intimately and is ready to serve you!

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