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First off, in case we have not met outside of this web blog, my name is Jamie Tuckey and I’d like to personally welcome you to my San Diego real estate blog! Whether you are a friend, family member, colleague or newcomer: welcome. I’m glad you’re here. I have lived in San Diego for 25 of my 38 years, and I am so very grateful and excited to be in the business of empowering individuals, families, businesses and investors through real estate. The overall purpose of this san diego real estate blog and coronado real estate blog is to provide you with weekly, original, non-recycled, non-invasive content relative to San Diego, written by a native San Diegan. I intend to write pieces ranging from memoir and personally-driven to technical and legally-driven, but below it all will be a deep love for San Diego and a strong calling to serve you in your real estate ventures. Please take a look through my content, stay connected, and don’t be afraid to interact via comments, likes and shares.

Jamie Tuckey offers this CROWN ISLAND HOMES San Diego real estate blog and Coronado real estate blog as an extension of himself.  He believes that serving other through real estate is a true form of service and he hopes to share his native San Diegan perspective so that homeowners come to appreciate the blog feed.  Being a Coronado real estate blog is a primary concern for Jamie and his San Diego real estate blog feed.  Covering a wide array of topics, this San Diego real estate blog will especially address Coronado developments and other cities surrounding San Diego Bay.  Coronado real estate blog.

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